Please submit your CERTIFIED™ Experience, Idea, or Travel Product (yes… luggage, in flight entertainment, clothing, or anything else that creates a terrific travel experience) to be considered for CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25.  This year's event will be staged  in Las Vegas on Sunday, August 11 at 10am.  This innovative experience will feature Chad Clark, principal of Chad Clark Travel Ventures, along with special guests and fun entertainment. He will be presenting  the best experiences, ideas, and products –on stage, in a very entertaining and innovative format.  




  When high-end travel agent Chad Clark started “certifying” various travel experiences he was just trying to provide another level of personalized service for his demanding clients. But it turned out he was onto the biggest trend in the luxury travel business.  -- Larry Olmsted, FORBES    May 2014  

  CHAD CLARK, an authority on experiential travel and self proclaimed “experience junkie”, will be announcing his CERTIFIED 25™ which features the most unique, authentic and local travel experiences in the world.  The CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™ is the first of it's kind in the travel industry and will be a list comprised of THE BEST travel experiences to be had in 2019/20.  



Chad Clark invites innovative travel industry suppliers, providers, hotels & resorts, and producers of travel products to submit their unique, authentic and local travel experiences for the chance to be featured in this year's “2019 Chad Clark Certified 25™.” Clark has been traveling for as long as he can remember, seeking out the world’s most interesting and exciting experiences, and now he invites the best in travel to share theirs. 

See last year's event trailer!



For years, Chad Clark has been “certifying” incredible travel experience around the globe and is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest experiences to be had in travel. The CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™ is an event produced for the travel industry and will provide a myriad of benefits for both travel suppliers and travel advisors/designers. The CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™ is an annual platform for our suppliers to extend their voice and promote their programs directly to the travel advisor/designer community. In turn, this event will be a platform for travel advisors/designers to stay ahead of the game and provide their clients with unique, authentic, and local travel experiences that are cutting edge and life changing. In the end, the goal is to “move the needle” and increase business for all.   Being a part of the CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™ will be a “CERTIFIED™ experience” in itself and an incredible opportunity to create a memory for your audience.  



The Beaumont Hotel



"This is a fantastic industry-wide initiative that speaks to the essence of travel experiences. We at AMAN place a tremendous amount of importance on providing our guests with unique and local authentic experiences and are proud to be involved with THE CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25."        Christina Deeny-Global Head of Sales & Distribution, AMAN Resorts.


The Beaumont Hotel



Being named as a CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25 winner was an honour and a privilege. We have received many bookings from the award and are forever grateful to Chad for coming up with this new initiative for the travel industry. 

Nicola Butler-Owner, NoteWorthy

The Beaumont Hotel

The Beaumont Hotel

The Ultimate Traveling Camp


"Chad Clark is possessed of exceptional taste and we were very honoured to be chosen for his CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25. To be part of this finely curated selection of the world's great travel experiences was a fantastic endorsement for The Beaumont and undoubtedly instrumental in raising the hotel's profile and increasing its appeal."

Jannes Soerensen- General Manager, The Beaumont Hotel, London

The Ultimate Traveling Camp

The Ultimate Traveling Camp

The Ultimate Traveling Camp


"THE CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25 represents a new beginning with recognition for luxury experiential travel."

Maggi Nixon- Director of Sales & Marketing, The Ultimate Traveling Camp

Imperial Tours

The Ultimate Traveling Camp

Imperial Tours


"Winning THE CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25 award was a great honor giving us excellent exposure to our target demographic and access to multiple marketing avenues. Winning prestigious, relevant awards such as the Chad Clark Certified 25 helps maintain our status as the leading provider of luxury travel in China."

Guy Rubin- Managing Partner, Imperial Tours

G-RO Luggage

The Ultimate Traveling Camp

Imperial Tours


"Being a part of THE CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25 in 2017 put our brand and company on a platform in front of some of the most important members of the industry. It was a great opportunity for exposure to our target audience."

Skylar Damars- Director of Marketing- G-RO


This event is open to all travel advisors and travel suppliers and travel advisors. The announcement of the “Chad Clark Certified 25” will be celebrated again in a unique and entertaining way and we hope that you will join us for all the fun and kick off a great week to be had in Las Vegas! Oh....did I mention cocktails too? Please register to attend and if tickets are available, you will receive notification no later than August 4, 2019.

Travel Advisor Testimonials

"This was truly THE  highlight of my Virtouso Week. Everyone was on the edge of their seat"     Sandi Jacob, Precision Travel Dallas TX

Best Event Ever!

Jane Martz, Coastline Travel, San Francisco, CA

Palazzo Avino

Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

Palazzo Avino


“THE CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25 was able to highlight and emphasize (in a very unique way) a special dining experience we launched at the Hotel. Not only the experience give us  immediate visibility with top industry advisors in Las Vegas, but the press coverage related to it gave even a stronger boost to inspire clients!”

Mariella Avino- Managing  Director, Palazzo Avino

The Chatwal

Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

Palazzo Avino


“THE CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25 is an innovative idea of selecting the most exciting 25 travel experiences globally on an annual basis. The highly curated and handpicked wonders of hospitality by none other than the genius in luxury travel (Chad Clark himself), exemplify what our dynamic world stands for –the most passionate, most enigmatic, most detailed, most enchanting, most inspiring and most exhilarating luxury hospitality experiences. The Chatwal, New York has been honored to be on the inaugural list of Chad Clark Certified 25.  We have benefited tremendously from the exposure and opportunity extended to our most unique hotel.” 

 Ashish Verma- Vice President, Luxury Division The Chatwal, New York

Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

Metropolitan Touring Ecuador

Metropolitan Touring Ecuador


The Nightwalk experience, by Mashpi Lodge, being in THE CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25,  has brought wonderful level of exposure to the world of our unique and particular rainforest spot here in Ecuador. Mashpi Lodge has climbed up the popularity latter and is on the way to become what we envisioned: a standalone-nature destination, so rich and rewarding, that all visitors leave the forest enchanted and changed for better.

Tamara Karolys- Commercial Director Metropolitan Touring Ecuador






A spa treatment lasts an hour or two, but the effects of a cooking or photography class can last a lifetime.

Consumers are quickly realizing this, and that realization is fundamentally changing the leisure travel industry......





A “fairytale” experience at Ashford Castle has been listed as one of the 25 best travel experiences in the world.

The listing was compiled by US travel advisor Chad Clark, who is aiming to certify travel “experiences” to create an annual list similar to what the Michelin Guide is for restaurants.



Luxury Travel Magazine


What did you have for lunch today? If you were staying at Minaret Station, a luxury New Zealand lodge so remote you can only get to it by helicopter, your lunch might have begun with helicopter flightseeing over jaw dropping fjords before landing............

Luxury Travel Magazine

Insider Travel Report Interview

Luxury Travel Magazine


Chad Clark, principal and owner of Chad Clark Travel Ventures and an  authority on experiential travel, announces the winners of the inaugural  CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25, the first-of-its-kind travel initiative that  annually lists the top 25 travel experiences and products throughout the  world.

The winners were announced during a sold-out interactive event at Lily  Lounge at the Bellagio in Las Vegas on August 13 in front of leading  travel industry professionals.

Insider Travel Report Interview

Insider Travel Report Interview

Insider Travel Report Interview



Insider Travel Report Interview

Insider Travel Report Interview


Imagine soaring over the Great Wall in a helicopter, then landing at an isolated section for a gourmet banquet in a tower. Imagine soaking in a hot stone bath and communing with saffron-robed novice monks in Bhutan......


What is the CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™?   

It is a collection of the most unique, authentic, and local travel experiences/products to be had throughout the world. We will be announcing the latest and greatest in experiences, ideas, and travel products and presenting them to the best in the travel industry during Virtuoso week in Las Vegas-August 11, 2019 (10a-12p).  

Who can submit?   

Anyone that can produce a memorable travel EXPERIENCE 

How do I submit?


Is there a cost  to be a part CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™? 

Yes, $325 per entry to go to THE DESTINO GROUP for producing the event. 

If chosen to be finalist of the CERTIFIED 25™, each participant is responsible for all cost associated with set up, event video production (within C25 event guidelines), labor, materials, live performance or shipping product samples to the show.  

If my experience does not get chosen for the final CERTIFIED 25™, will I get my $325 submission fee back?



What do I need to submit?   

Each participant is required to submit a detailed description of the experience, high rez photos, and video. Utilizing a service like WE TRANSFER is Most helpful. Send to: info@chadclarktravel.com


When is the submission dead line?

May 11, 2019     

What is The Event?   

The CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™ event will again be a stunning exhibition of the absolute best in travel presented to the best of the travel industry-both travel suppliers and travel advisors/designers. It will be entertaining informative, and definitely cutting edge. Each CERTIFIED 25™ finalist will be showcased in a unique and entertaining way- basically creating an experience in itself. 


When is The Event?   

Sunday, August 11 from 10a-12pm at LILY in the Bellagio Hotel during Virtuoso week.  

If my experience is chosen to be a part of the CERTIFIED 25™, what is required?

Video footage (see requirements below) and an additional $795 fee to cover professional editing your video into the event' s production

If you are chosen to be in the 2019 Chad Clark Certified 25, you will receive the following:

  • Three (3) additional event tickets for you invite your favorite travel advisors
  • Inclusion in the Chad Clark Certified 25 Post Event Press Release
  • The potential of being included in any post event media coverage (Last year we had inclusion in over 40 publication including: FORBES, IRISH TIMES, LUXURY TRAVEL MAGAZINE and more)
  • Inclusion in the Chad Clark Certified 25 Social Media Campaign
  • Your own copy of the 2 minute professionally edited version (used for the event) of your video that you may use for your marketing purposes


Are the participants required to appear live who make the 2019 CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™?   

Yes. Each participant/finalist is to appear live who makes the final CERTIFIED 25. Participation is mandatory. Depending on the nature of the participant, a live interview, performance, or video presentation will be in order. Plus, you’ll want to make yourself available to the travel advisor/designer community after the show for questions and to discuss your program. This is great opportunity to speak directly to the people that matter to you most!    


How will I find out if my experience has been accepted to the CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™?  

Winners will be notified two weeks after the submission dead line.    


When can I post on social media my idea has been accepted on the 2019 CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25?   

If your experience is accepted to the 2019 CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25, please don’t post on social media until after the live show.  Why would you want to ruin the surprise?! 


Do I need pay for travel to 2019 CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25?   

Yes. Each participant is financially responsible for any/all travel, hotel, transportation costs that are accrued for the 2019 CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25.


Will the Destino Group, Chad Clark, or Chad Clark Travel Ventures reimburse for me for any cost associated with the 2019 CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25?

No. The Destino Group, Chad Clark, or Chad Clark Travel Ventures will not reimburse for any costs including shipping, production, labor, backline, or gear required to perform at live show the 2019 CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25™.  


Do I need to provide my own video production and/or set up?

Yes. Each finalist is responsible for arranging and providing any and all set up, production backline or any additional gear-including staging, lighting, audio, lighting equipment, video production.  

We will need the following video requirements:               

 - Video Size: 1920 x 1080 (HD) or larger
 - Raw video: Without audio, graphics/text on top of video and preferably with no color correction
 - Minimum of 3 minutes in length.

- Audio file of music to be used in video 



(please note that these examples are finished versions which have been professionally edited for the CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED EVENT in Las Vegas)

Who do I contact with more questions?   



AUGUST 12, 2018 (during Virtuoso Week)


· Adare Manor (Adare, Ireland)

 The Ultimate Irish Golf Experience

The perfect golf experience can be found at Adare Manor. Starting with a warm Irish welcome when you check-in to your beautifully appointed bedroom in the historic Manor House, you will then venture onto the Tom Fazio designed golf course which has been created in harmony with the outstanding natural beauty of its surroundings, whilst incorporating the very latest in technological innovations. Celebrate your  day of  unforgettable scenery with a Guinness, an exceptional meal, and private whiskey/cigar tasting at The Carriage House.

· Ahipara-  (New Zealand)

 Jet Boat Training Session & Pop-Up Picnic

Explore a wild New Zealand river on your own private jet boat before hitting the lake for a hands-on lesson where you will learn to pilot your own jet boat. After you’ve received your pilot’s license, you’ll then sit with the owners for a “pop up” wild food barbecue.  Your day continues in the wild where you could indulge in hunting, fishing, hiking, or finding New Zealand jade.

· Amantaka- (Luang Prabang, Laos)

 Spiritual Connection by Silent Giving

For centuries monks and novices have left their temples every day and walked through the town, accepting alms (offerings) from the local townsfolk; A way for people to gain merit and for the monastic community to maintain contact with the locals.  Amantaka invites their guests to join us on this contemplative and spiritual experience.

· Ananda (Himalayas, India)

 Holistic Immersion in the Birthplace of Yoga

Immerse in luxurious wellbeing like never before. Enjoy customized wellness programs based on the traditional sciences of Ayurveda and yoga; amidst the Himalayan foothills, perched on a 100-acre Maharajas’ palatial estate within the birthplace of yoga.

· Acqualina (Sunny Isles, FL, USA)

 Keeping The Kids Content

The AcquaExperiences at Acqualina were created to offer great travel experiences that will be truly valuable and memorable for guests. Keeping the kids in mind (and their parents happy), their knowledgeable and passionate experts in their respective fields such as learning to scuba dive on property, private painting lessons and more to make each activity and experience interesting and fun for the entire family. 

· Banyan Tours/Shakti Lodge (India)

 The Ultimate Himalayan Village-to-Village walk

A private guided village-to-village walk taking in 3 beautifully renovated village houses in the India Himalaya. Days are spent trekking in a remote and beautiful region known for its gentle people, lush surroundings and sweeping views of the Panchachuli Himalayan Range.

· The Berkeley (London, UK)

 Out of the Blue Cocktail Experience

An exceptional journey of taste like never before. Up to four guests at a time can enter an immersive, 360-degree projection environment, created using bespoke technology. Then blurring the lines between scent, sight and taste, the Blue Bar team engages the senses in a totally revolutionary way. Take a sip - blow your mind!

· Borgo Egazia (Puglia, Italy)

 Life in a Puglian Trullo with Clara

A magical journey through Puglian traditions. Leave your “casetta” at Borgo Egnazia to visit an authentic “trullo” in the countryside of Alberobello. Meet Clara, a smiling symbol of Puglian hospitality. She opens the doors of her cone-roof home and invites her guests in a journey back in time, telling fascinating stories about ancient traditions and inviting you to an unforgettable meal with her family.

· Chilko Experience (British Columbia, Canada)

 The Chilko Experience in a Canadian Log Castle

Glacial fed pristine waters, rushing rivers, world class adventure.  Bears, salmon and soaring eagles.  Reside in log castles, enjoy evening campfires beneath star studded skies, smores for the kids and laughter for all.  Romance, family bonding and life long memories awaits all at the Chilko Experience. 

· Florencetown (Siena, Italy)

 The Italian Kentucky Derby-VIP Palio Experience

From your own private apartment featuring window/terrace views where you’ll dine on Italian delicacies prepared by your personal chef accompanied by fine wines all while celebrating a horse race held in honor of the Virgin Mary.  This race takes place twice a year, on July 2 and August 16. Ten of the city’s seventeen contrade, districts, are represented by a horse and jockey in each race. The race is no tourist-board invention and has been held almost uninterruptedly in Siena’s civic hub, Piazza del Campo, since 1644. 

· Fogo Island Inn (Fogo Island, Canada)

 Live on the Edge of the Wild North Atlantic

A cultural experience that provides isolation from the mainland while encountering  how life is lived on the ferocious North Atlantic. Fogo Island has created a place of unique stories and traditions which allow guests to explore this unique lifestyle by snowmobile or snowshoe and revel in the natural beauty found around every bend in this still wild world.

· Golden Door (San Marcos, CA, USA)

 The Best Life Assurance Money Can Buy

The Golden Door empowers each guest to achieve a healthy mind, body and spirit. Guests relax, restore and refresh on a journey focused on personalized fitness, spa and nutrition programs, designed to meet specific goals and needs of each individual. Come experience why some guests have been to the Golden Door over 100+ times.

· Grand Velas Riviera Maya (Riviera Maya, Mexico)

 A Journey to a Mayan Wonder’s Past

The Insider Microadventure to Chichen Itzá and Cenotes and the colonial city of Mérida whisks guests off in a CESSNA 206 single-engine plane to discover the hidden wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula. After a private guided tour of the fascinating Mayan ruins, there’s a dip in a freshwater cenote or a carriage ride down Merida’s charming Paseo Montejo followed by lunch prepared by a Grand Velas Masterchef.

· Great Plains Conservation (Botswana)

 Explore Remote Botswana by Foot and Canoe

A Botswana safari with the perfect blend of adventure and luxury begins with 4 days exploring remote northern remote Botswana by foot and canoe on the Selinda Adventure Trail. After days spent immersed in nature and disconnected from the world, fly into the heart of the Okavango Delta for 3 nights at Duba Plains Camp. You’ll retreat from a pop-up tent to a 1000-square-foot suite in one of the richest wildlife areas in all of Botswana.

· Luggage Forward (USA)

 Vacations Should Not Start at Baggage Claim

The philosophy is simple: An enjoyable travel experience that does not involve carrying or checking your luggage. They handle the heavy lifting and the hassle, while you breeze through the airport in style and with confidence, knowing your belongings are already waiting for you at your destination.

· The Mark Hotel (New York City, USA)

 New York City Luxury by Land and Sea

The Mark’s Land and Sea Experience combines the largest Penthouse on the continent (12,000 sq. ft) with The Mark Sailboat, a 70-ft historic 100-year old sailing yacht. Enjoy both land and sea views of Central Park, The New York Skyline and Lady Liberty coupled with private dining experiences featuring famed chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten himself.

· Natural Habitat (Greenland)

 Living it up on the Arctic Riviera

Encounter raw beauty and remote Arctic landscapes from our luxury expedition camp near the edge of the Greenland ice sheet. Explore by boat, kayak and on foot, where very few travelers ever venture.

· Palazzo Seneca (Norcia, Italy)

 Italian Gourmet Food and Wine Journey

This experience will take you through the most genuine culinary experience in Italy.  You begin with a truffle hunt and then enjoy your bounty with a Michelin starred cooking class. Your culinary journey will continue with a deep immersion in the nature of National Park of Sibillini Mountains and then the experience of the ancient art of norcineria (italian cured meats), olive oil making, and a mystic encounter with the Benedictine monks as you participate in their daily rituals.

· The Private Suite (Los Angeles, CA, USA)

 Sky-High Service at The Private Suite LAX

A first-of-its-kind in the U.S., The Private Suite at LAX delivers unprecedented privacy, comfort, and service in airline travel lounges. The new gated, private terminal offers VIP travelers generously appointed individual luxury lounges, direct-to-aircraft transportation, and dedicated TSA and Customs & Immigration screening

· Quark Expeditions (Antarctica)

 Navigate Antarctica on a Russian Icebreaker

A  journey to the bottom of the world—cruising past masses of dense ice and thick, tabular icebergs—aboard the legendary Russian icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov. True to the explorer spirit, this exclusive Antarctic adventure has you walking across the sea ice as guests are greeted by thousands of Emperor penguins. 

· Remote Lands (Nepal)

 Breakfast in the Shadows of Mount Everest

The most memorable breakfast you may ever have begins with a helicopter ride from Kathmandu to nearly 19,000 feet for a quick visit to Everest Base Camp before descending to 14,000 feet for a champagne breakfast in Kongde in the shadow of Mt. Everest, all the while surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Himalayas.

· Six Senses Zighy Bay (Oman)

 Paraglide to your Hotel Arrival

One of the most unique, spectacular and exhilarating ways to arrive at Six Senses Zighy Bay is by  paragliding off  a mountain into the resort. Glide over the crags over the Hajar mountains and land next to the azure waters of the Gulf of Oman with a mesmerizing view of the bay from above.

· Southern Ocean Lodge (Kangaroo Island, Australia)

 Kangas and Kanapés - Signature Sunset Drinks in the Wild

Take a twilight expedition to meet the ‘locals’ and soak up the history of Kangaroo Island’s early settlers at Grassdale, a historic property nearby to Southern Ocean lodge and where wildlife including kangaroos and wallabies congregate to graze. Observe these extraordinary creatures in their natural environment, sip premium South Australian wines and nibble on a ‘kanapé’ while the sun dips down below the horizon.

· The Tailor (Northern Territory, Australia)

 Australian Arnhem Land Cultural Safari

On a little-known corner in Australia,  lies an untouched wilderness without physical boundaries or roads, where nature thrives and only the traditional Indigenous owners and custodians of the land reside. Indulge in an immersive cultural journey, where they hunt with local elders, fish rivers and floodplains teaming with barramundi, witness traditional Aboriginal ceremonies performed on the same lands for thousands of years, and forge unforgettable connections to this remote and ruggedly beautiful region.

· Villa Manzu (Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica)

 Costa Rican Dream Villa

This private boutique, fully staffed Villa of your dreams and inclusive and private for your group only.  Spend your vacation in the lap of luxury, enjoying exquisite views, service and cuisine with adventurous activities complete with all the recreational toys available at the tip of your finger.


Congratulations to last year's CHAD CLARK CERTIFIED 25 recipients! 


Amankora Bhutan

This experience consists of a spiritual and cultural safari where guests walk through ancient rhododendron forests watching endangered black necked cranes, soaking in a hot stone bath,  interacting with saffron robed novice monks and dining in a rustic stone potato shed—all in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Ashford Castle

A fairy-tale inspired experience, Ashford Castle includes a luxurious stay in a medieval Irish castle where guests are invited to take part in authentic Irish activities throughout the castle and its picturesque grounds.

The Beaumont Hotel

This award-winning London hotel offers a ‘do-it-yourself’ ice cream sundae with 300 potential permutations in the resort’s Colony Grill Room. At The Beaumont everything is tailor-made and entirely personal to each client, and crafted together with them.

Brush Creek Ranch

Platte Canyon Overnight Camp at Brush Creek Ranch is a luxurious camping experience that includes private outdoor activities, gourmet meals around an open fire, a large yurt and two traditional teepees with large decks, located over the North Platte River in Wyoming.

The Chatwal Hotel

The Chatwal Hotel invites guests to enjoy Broadway like an actor from the landmark building once home to the oldest theatrical club of America. Guests enjoy insider access to the most desirable tickets in town and live performance over brunch. 

· Dolomite Mountains/Rosa Alpina

This experience takes guests on a journey through the picturesque Dolomite Mountains where guests hike in luxury from “hut to hut” while enjoying the gourmet food and wines of Italy.

Dunton Hot Springs

Limited only by your imagination, Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs offers customizable experiences that are specifically tailored for each guest’s interests, whether it’s cattle driving,  horseback riding or beyond. Flytographer

Flytographer connects travelers with vetted local photographers for short, candid vacation shoots in over 200 cities around the world, providing both an authentic travel experience and unforgettable souvenirs.

Four Seasons Hualalai 

The Ultimate Pop-Up Volcano Adventure begins with a private helicopter journey over the big island of Hawaii and continues with a trip to a Rainforest Cottage Hideaway where guests hike, swim explore the area around the volcano and participate in exclusive activities.

The Greenwich Hotel

The Greenwich is one of the first hotels to offer a fully complimentary minibar (excluding alcohol) in all rooms. They have created a bountiful selection of “vintage favorite goodies” reminiscent of childhood combined with trendy new snacks that are customizable to offer all-natural, vegan and gluten-free options. 

G-RO Luggage 

G-RO is redefining the companion bag. Each piece is specifically designed to accompany on-the-go travelers whether they are traveling around the block or around the globe.

Imperial Tours

Guests soar by helicopter over the Great Wall of China and across one of China’s most famous mountain views and land at a spectacular section of the wall where, in an isolated tower, guests enjoy a gourmet banquet. They are joined by one of China’s leading conservationists who helped draft the law protecting the inspirational beauty of this iconic site. 

Le Bristol Paris

Guests are invited to indulge in a progressive Parisian culinary journey at Le Bristol Paris, where they will experience the French Art de Vivre, from a decadent breakfast, a tailor made picnic and a once-in-a-lifetime diner at three Michelin Star restaurant, Epicure

Le Pres D'Eugenie-Michel Guerard 

 Every experience at Les Prés d'Eugénie captures the essence of French   luxury, style, grace and elegance in a sumptuous setting.

Local Eyes Sydney

Local Eyes Sydney offers the quintessential Sydney experience, as husband and wife team Jamie and Alex invite guests to their home for lunch and onboard their classic cruiser, Iluka to sail up close to Sydney Harbour’s icons. This authentic taste of Australian life also includes a native bush walk and a surf, stroll or yoga at the world famous Manly Beach.

Metropolitan Touring

This experience includes a nighttime walk through the forest in search of nocturnal amphibians and insects, ending with a surprise picnic in the midst of the natural environment.

Minaret Station

 Experience the otherwise inaccessible breathtaking wilderness of the   Southern Alps of New Zealand by helicopter and touch down in a   deserted alpine meadow and enjoy a gourmet spread of lobster pulled   fresh from the sea, Minaret station sourced Beef & Lamb, and award   winning New Zealand wines.

Nomadic Expeditions

Nomadic Expeditions affords guests the opportunity to watch the legendary Kazakh hunters at the Golden Eagle Festival in the remote Altai Mountains, as these skilled hunters and their highly-trained eagles compete for the top prize.


Noteworthy provides the exclusive opportunity to view London’s most iconic event, the “Changing of the Guards.” Guests who partake in this rare behind-the-scenes experience are able to capture rare photographs and avoid crowds.

Palazzo Avino

Palazzo Avino’s “Sea of Love” dining experience aims to suspend guests between land and sea.  The exclusive candlelit dinner comes complete with sparkling sea, stars and music.

Peru Empire

 Experience the mystical other-worldly beauty of Lake Titicaca, the cradle   of Andean civilization. From exclusive visits to a traditional community   on the picturesque island of Taquile, to hiking ancient trails surrounded by   stunning snow-capped mountain landscapes. 


   Singita offers exclusive, first-hand, behind the scenes insight into the   work of the Anti-Poaching Unit.  This once in-a-lifetime conservation   safari experience will take you on a journey through the projects that are   the life force behind  their conservation success in   the Serengeti. 

The Ultimate Traveling Camp

Guests are invited to enjoy a day at the “top of the world” where they are immersed in the region's unique rituals, exposed to the ancient sport of Polo, have the opportunity to try their hand at archery, raft down the Indus River and enjoy a delicious picnic lunch set amidst a dramatic and breath-taking landscape.

True North

 TRUE NORTH conducts adventure-cruises in Australia’s stunning   Kimberley region—featuring unparalleled access and daily off-ship   activities (some via the ship’s onboard helicopter) that enable guests to   truly experience the destination.

Waldorf Astoria Park City

 Waldorf Astoria Park City offers beautiful snow-covered views of the   largest ski and snowboard resort in the United States. Their signature   vanilla mint chapstick is the most sought after item at the hotel for guests   to take on all adventures.







 Chad Clark has been a traveling for as long as he can remember, seeking out the world’s most interesting and exciting experiences. A self-proclaimed “Experience Junkie” Chad gave up his corporate life to follow his love for food, wine, culture, destinations, a.k.a. extraordinary travel experiences, and turn it into a business that helps people make the absolute most of their most precious commodity—their time. Whether traveling with friends, family or alone on a research trip, Chad is all about the experience and when he loves it, he just has to share it with his client friends. That’s just his way. Of course he and his company have the contacts, the relationships, the stick-to-it-ness so clients can experience everything the world has to offer. Chad’s life is about travel and he’s amassing an ever-growing “Experience Journal” that he shares online through social media. You’ll see Chad in Rome, Sydney, Paris, and even in his own backyard golfing in Scottsdale, Arizona enjoying the people and the places. Sampling, connecting, building relationships and in essence living your next big adventure. Chad and his team can help you get there.  




Our company works with people who recognize that the types of trips they want require more than time and planning- it requires knowledge, experience, and connections. Chad Clark Travel Ventures is about enjoying the absolute best life has to offer and helping others enjoy it too. Life is too short. Time is precious. Experience and moments matter the most. Chad Clark Travel Ventures makes them unforgettable. Experience the extraordinary, not once in a lifetime, but every time!  What clients can expect: You’ve earned your place in this world where the finer things are your things. You have a top financial advisor. You have a top tax advisor. Maybe even a top trainer, nutritionist, and stylist. SO, who plans what you do with your most precious commodity...your time?   Go beyond executive class travel and go for a Chad Clark Travel Ventures Certified™ Experience. It’s travel that once you experience it, there’s no going back.    Chad Clark Travel Ventures also provides consultancy services for the travel supplier trade. This includes hotels & resorts, DMC’s, on-sites, and tour operators.  

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